Episode 6 - Adam Hughes and Jonathan Keating

August 21, 2018

Adam and Jonathan, fellow co-stars of The Triple Threat Club Wrestling Podcast and co-founders, creators and bookers of the CNT Universe, streaming live on YouTube (search Triple Threat Club Podcast) x


Episode 5 - Jonathan Keating

April 11, 2018

All round super legend, Jonathan "The Waitress Whisperer" Keating talks everything from wrestling to BlackMirror, swear words to psychology!


Episode 4 - Beccy Jones

April 10, 2018

Beccy Jones is a nutritional adviser with a degree in Biomedical Sciences and experience working in Molecular Biology at the University of Manchester.  She's qualified in Nutrition and Herbalism and runs the nutrtion consultancy Elements of Nutrition.


Episode 3 - Jo Burgess

December 13, 2017

Jo Burgess is an actor, singer-songwriter, and poet.  She has a first class bachelor of arts degree in Theatre and Performance and recently performed an original work of spoken word called We Haven't Even Started at the EU Colloquium on Fundamental Rights.


Episode 2 - John Ligon

November 4, 2017

John Ligon is an entrepreneur, traveller, and teacher.  He has degrees in philosophy and anthropology - and is generally a badass motherfucker.


Episode 1 - Emelia Hitchner

October 29, 2017

Emelia Hitchner is a writer, surfer, teacher, traveller.  Her blog is insightful and colourful, check it out at: https://emeliahitchner.wordpress.com


The Tim Callaghan Podcast is finally up and on the road.  I hope you enjoy this episode and many more to come.  Bare with me through the clunkiness, I'm not great at this yet but podcasting is a form of creative expression I've been interested in and passionate about for a long time so I intend to keep working at it and improving.  Thank you so much, Emelia, your thoughtfulness and positivity was enlivening and inspiring, and I couldn't have hoped for a better first guest.


Thanks x